How big will the data get? This year we may collect more data about the human body than in all the history of medicine so far. But it often seems that this coursing circulatory system of medical data is clogged and clotted. Is all this information serving patients and helping doctors, or leaving the healthcare system drowning and confused?

Help is on the way. At the 2014 Healthcare Summit, the world’s most influential healthcare event featuring the top leaders in the industry, we will showcase several examples of how the production and analysis of new kinds of data are changing patient care, leading to new treatments, and saving money. Join us on December 3 and 4 to get smart about the big and little data that will shape the future of medicine. Our goal: to get from data to wisdom in a day.


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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Atrium at Jazz at Lincoln Center's Frederick P. Rose Hall

Featuring the 'Innovation Showcase'


  • Steve Forbes | Chairman & Editor-in-Chief , Forbes Media


The world is facing the worst Ebola outbreak in history. Now is the time to test new drugs and vaccines. The FDA’s top minds tell us how we can do it.

  • Edward Cox | Director, Office of Antimicrobial Products, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research , U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Luciana Borio | Assistant Commissioner for Counterterrorism Policy , U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Moderator: Matthew Herper | Senior Editor , Forbes Media

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Atrium at Jazz at Lincoln Center's Frederick P. Rose Hall


  • Matthew Herper | Senior Editor , Forbes Media


  • Steve Forbes | Chairman & Editor-in-Chief , Forbes Media


Last year at the Forbes Healthcare Summit, Patrick Soon-Shiong unveiled a sweeping vision of healthcare’s digital future. Now he says it’s getting even bigger.

  • John Chen | Executive Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer , BlackBerry
  • Tim Kelsey | National Director for Patients & Information , NHS England
  • Patrick Soon-Shiong | Chairman & Chief Executive Officer , NantHealth
  • Moderator: Steve Forbes | Chairman & Editor-in-Chief , Forbes Media


  • Corey Wood | Patient


New approaches in immune treatments and genetic technology mean that we’re making progress in ways that were previously unimaginable. Is vanquishing cancer possible?

  • Peter Bach, MD, MAPP | Director of Center for Health Policy and Outcomes , Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • Bob Hugin | Chairman & Chief Executive Officer , Celgene Corporation
  • Richard Klausner | Chief Medical Officer; Former Director , Illumina; National Cancer Institute
  • Sandra Swain | Medical Director , Washington Cancer Institute at MedStar Washington Hospital Center
  • Moderator: Matthew Herper | Senior Editor , Forbes Media


  • Murray Aitken | Senior Vice President; Executive Director , IMS Health; IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics


The creation of new drugs and diagnostics depends on linking genetic and medical data. But who owns that information? You? Your hospital? Your insurer? The way we answer these questions will determine whether or not we get new treatments.

  • Linda Avey | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer , We Are Curious
  • Jamie Heywood | Co-Founder & Chairman , PatientsLikeMe
  • Eric Schadt | Professor & Chair, Genetics and Genomic Sciences; Director, Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology, The Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • George Yancopoulos | Chief Scientific Officer, Regeneron; President, Regeneron Laboratories
  • Moderator: Matthew Herper | Senior Editor , Forbes Media




How will we use data to improve the health of every person an insurer covers? That will be the key to success in the future.

  • David Goldhill | Author; President & Chief Executive Officer , Catastrophic Care; Game Show Network
  • Dan Hilferty | President & Chief Executive Officer , Independence Blue Cross
  • Kevin Nazemi | Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer , Oscar Insurance
  • Samuel Nussbaum | Chief Medical Officer & Executive Vice President , Clinical Health Policy, WellPoint
  • Moderator: Avik Roy | Opinion Editor , Forbes; Manhattan Institute for Policy Research


  • Colin Hill | Co-Founder, Chairman, President, & Chief Executive Officer , GNS Healthcare


Because of government incentives, U.S. doctors and hospitals are finally adopting electronic health records. But if prices are extortionate and data are not shared everybody loses. How can we win?

  • Paul Black | President & Chief Executive Officer , Allscripts
  • Jonathan Bush | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer , athenahealth
  • Robert Robbins | President & Chief Executive Officer , Texas Medical Center
  • Richard Rothman, MD, PhD | Founder , Rothman Institute
  • Moderator: Erin DuPree | Chief Medical Officer & Vice President , Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare




A new health economy is taking shape. Next year the $2.8 trillion U.S. healthcare industry will finally begin to look and feel more like like the rest of the business world: catering to wired customers who expect one-click service and fast access to data.

  • Kelly Barnes | Partner and U.S. Health Industries Leader , PwC


  • Dune Ives | Senior Director; Co-Manager , Vulcan Philanthropy; Paul G. Alley Family Foundation


Senior Editor Matthew Herper just had his DNA sequenced. Top genomics expert Robert Green, also Matt’s doctor, had already taken the plunge. With the help of experts in the audience, they'll lead a powerful, personal conversation about what it means to know what's in your genes.

  • Matthew Herper | Senior Editor , Forbes Media
  • Robert C. Green | Director, G2P Research Program , Harvard Medical School


  • William Klitgaard | Chief Information Officer , Covance


Right now, data collection is a laborious process. But very soon all the information about a patient will be gathered automatically, in real time. That will change everything.

  • Glen de Vries | Co-Founder & President , Medidata Solutions
  • Jeff Hammerbacher | Chief Scientist , Cloudera
  • Dena Bravata | Chief Medical Officer , Castlight Health
  • Jeroen Tas | Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Informatics Solutions & Services , Philips
  • Moderator: Harlan Krumholz | Contributor; Harold H. Hines, Jr. Professor of Medicine , Forbes Media; Yale University Healthcare


  • Paul Bleicher | Chief Executive Officer , Optum Labs




  • Suneet Mittal | Director, Electrophysiology , Valley Hospital Health System


What do patients think of the data revolution? Hear the stories of a cancer patient who is donating his data, a woman whose lung tumors faded thanks to DNA sequencing, and a diabetic who got to try an artificial pancreas.

  • Garth Callaghan | Patient
  • Kady Helme | Patient
  • Doug Olson | Patient
  • Corey Wood | Patient
  • Moderator: Dan Diamond | Contributor; Executive Editor , Forbes Media; Advisory Board Company


  • Jonathan Rothberg | Chief Strategy Officer , 4Combinator


Three of the world’s leading healthcare investors tell us how changing incentives, telehealth, big data and other new technologies will change healthcare–and where they are putting their money right now.

  • Brandon Hull | Managing Partner , Cardinal Partners
  • Robert Kocher | Partner , Venrock
  • John Sculley | Managing Partner , Sculley Family Office
  • Moderator: Moira Forbes | Executive Vice President, Forbes Media; President & Publisher , ForbesWoman


  • Steve Forbes | Chairman & Editor-in-Chief , Forbes Media




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Kelly Barnes of PWC at Forbes 2014 Healthcare Summit


William Klitgaard at Forbes 2014 Healthcare Summit


Michael Weintraub of Optum at Forbes 2014 Healthcare Summit


Jonathan Bush of AthenaHealth at Forbes 2014 Healthcare Summit


Rich Berner of Allscripts at Forbes 2014 Healthcare Summit


Stefan Linn IMS at Forbes 2014 Healthcare Summit


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How Much Should Drugs Cost?: Murray Aitken, IMS Health


Collaborating With Big Data: Paul Bleicher, Optum Labs


Improving Healthcare Delivery: William Klitgaard, Covance


Making Medicine High Tech For Real Panel


Top Health Industry Trends to Watch in 2015: Kelly Barnes, PwC



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