The Under 30 Summit EMEA brought together the greatest young entrepreneurs and game-changers from America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, for four days and nights of fostering world-changing ideas and collaborations. Our host cities, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, served as a perfect backdrop: they are the most entrepreneurial places on the planet, with more startups per capita than Silicon Valley.  Innovation, growth and comity still can thrive, even in a region marred by strife. A cohort who will help run the world
for the next 50 years had the rare opportunity to come together and pursue our theme:

Co-Invest, Co-Create, Co-Exist

Participants: 200 from the U.S., 200 from Europe, 200 from the Middle East and Africa,
culled from Forbes 30 Under 30 lists, plus mentors and VIPs.


*Agenda subject to change*

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Evening Welcome — Tel Aviv



Welcome Reception: A Taste of the Mediterranean


The Summit kicks off at one of the world’s most historic spots: the embarkation point for centuries of visitors: Jaffa. The Peres Center is the  home of peace and advancement in the Middle East promoting socio-economic development, cooperation and understanding. Here we’ll be feted with a night of entertainment and some of the best wines and tastes from the region.


Welcome to Tel Aviv

Mayor Ron Huldai | Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo


Opening Remarks

  • Anat Levi | Chief Executive Officer , Golan Heights Winery

Special Musical Surprise


Close of Evening

Monday, April 4, 2016

“Co-Invest” - Tel Aviv




Welcome & Opening Remarks

  • Randall Lane | Editor , Forbes Magazine

Fireside Chat: His Excellency Shimon Peres

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who served as Israel’s prime minister and president had, by the time he was 30, driven some of the defining decisions ensuring Israel’s survival and prosperity, including arranging for its defense and finance system. He went on to become a key architect of the peace efforts with the Palestinians. Throughout his journey he has been a strong promoter of innovation, science, neuroscience and nanotechnology, becoming synonymous with the tech-savvy future of the “start-up nation.” As the last of Israel’s founding fathers, the 92-year-old Peres shares stories from his role as a twentysomething who helped launch a country, and how technology will transform and shape the young and their future in the region.

  • His Excellency Shimon Peres | Nobel Peace Prize Laureate , Ninth President of Israel
  • Moderator: Randall Lane | Editor , Forbes Magazine

What’s Trending for the Forbes Under 30?

Every day, billions of conversations flow through websites and social platforms. Amit Avner of Taykey will demonstrate how today's language and data processing tools can help you unlock the strategic power of this data to better understand what's trending for targeted audiences with a real time view of the Forbes Under 30 demographic.

  • Amit Avner | Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Taykey

Investing in Ideation: How Great Entrepreneurs Unlock Creativity

What are the keys to unlocking innovation and creativity, and how important are persistence and luck in the formula for success? Four adventurous young entrepreneurs, in conversation with a start-up legend, reflect on the collision of creativity and capitalism, and map out their next challenges.

  • Bheki Kunene | Founder , Mind Trix Media
  • Simcha Neumark | Founder & Chief Executive Officer , WorkCapital
  • Jon Reynolds | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer , SwiftKey
  • Kate Unsworth | Founder & Chief Executive Officer , VINAYA
  • Moderator: Yossi Vardi | Internet Entrepreneur

10 Minutes to Change the World

  • Luis Iván Cuende | Co-Founder , Stampery

Disruption on a Global Scale: Streaming, Swiping, Sharing

Shai Agassi, who raised $700 million to hasten the switchover to electric cars, now continues to disrupt the energy and automotive industries. The serial entrepreneur will share what he’s learned and the future he envisions before being joined by some of the world’s top young disruptors. A window into the next wave of technologies that will disrupt your business —and lead you into a profitable new world.

  • Shai Agassi | Founder / Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Better Place / Newrgy
  • Nikita Fahrenholtz | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer , BOOK A TIGER/Delivery Hero
  • Lisa Falzone | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Revel Systems
  • Moderator: Maneet Ahuja | Producer, CNBC; , Forbes Under 30 Alum



Marketing: The Gaming of Emotional Connection

Brian Wong was 19 when he became the youngest person to have Silicon Valley venture capitalists fund his company. He’s now a 24-year-old whisperer who helps marketers make an emotional connection to their customers by embedding apps with a wickedly addictive—and effective—system of rewards to engage them even further. The founder-CEO of Kiip, Wong shares secrets of customer engagement in the mobile age.

  • Brian Wong | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Kiip
  • Moderator: Caroline Howard | Executive Producer , Forbes Media

Launch Lessons: Secrets of the Startup Machine

Alumni of the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite cybersecurity Unit 8200 has created more great start-ups than pretty much any other group this side of Stanford Business School. An insider’s look at their special sauce, and how you can replicate it.

  • Kira Radinsky | Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer , SalesPredict
  • Ron Reiter | Co-Founder & Head of R&D , Crosswise
  • Roi Tiger | Director, Engineering , Facebook
  • Nadav Zafrir | Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Team8 & Former Commander of Unit 8200
  • Moderator: Richard Behar | Contributing Editor , Forbes Magazine

Augmented Reality's New Reality

  • Meron Gribetz | Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Meta

Getting Big: Unicorns of EMEA

A generation ago, it might take 30 years to go global—now it’s insta-global. Building billion dollar companies, old news. The challenge now: creating $10 billion global juggernauts. A mashup of VCs, founders and mentors will discuss what it takes to incubate from zero to a 10 digit valuation—and whether it’s a jinx to even strive for that goal.

  • Ophelia Brown | Partner , LocalGlobe
  • Uri Levine | Co-Founder & Chairman, FeeX; Co-Founder , Waze
  • Vivek Ramaswamy | Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Roivant Sciences & Axovant Sciences
  • Moderator: Steve Bertoni | Senior Editor , Forbes Media



Teamwork: Disrupting the Sleep Industry

Casper is the Warby Parker of the $14 billion-a-year mattress industry, racking up sales of some $30 million in its first year while disrupting one of the world’s least transparent and innovative businesses. Casper’s Under 30 co-founders offer lessons on how teams collaborate beyond the box springs.

  • Neil Parikh | Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer , Casper
  • Luke Sherwin | Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer , Casper
  • Gabe Flateman | Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer , Casper
  • Moderator: Ron Rofé | Managing Partner , Vaizra Investments

10 Minutes to Change the World

  • Paula Schwarz | Founder , Startupboat

Selling Your Start-up: The Power of Storytelling

Great businesses have great stories behind them. Actors Zosia Mamet of “Girls” and Evan Jonigkeit of “X-Men” discuss the intersection of storytelling and commercial enterprise.

  • Evan Jonigkeit | Producer, Director, Actor (X-Men)
  • Zosia Mamet | Singer-Songwriter, Columnist , Actress (HBO series Girls)
  • Moderator: Zack O'Malley Greenburg | Senior Editor, Media & Entertainment , Forbes Media

Jerusalem Preview

Mayor Nir Barkat | Mayor of Jerusalem


Closing Remarks

  • Randall Lane | Editor , Forbes Magazine

Evening: Under 30 Food & Wine Festival

Carlton on the Beach

 What happens when America’s best young chef, Israel’s best young chef and America’s best young chocolatier are paired with Israel’s best wines? Find out during an evening of eating, drinking — and a bonfire on the beach!



Brown TLV Hotel, 25 Kalischer St, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 65165

Join Lee Schrager of NY Wine and Food Festival and Randall Lane of Forbes media for an Afterparty and Lee Brian Schrager and Adeena Sussman’s America’s Best Breakfasts Book Party in Israel  (launches April 5 in USA, pub. Clarkson Potter)

Live music, open bar & food will be provided by Chef Yuval Fachler of Salva Vida

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

“Commerce and Culture” - Tel Aviv and Jerusalem


Morning – “Commerce”

Tel Aviv

Open House around Tel Aviv’s famous start-up and VC hub, Rothschild Boulevard


Lunch and midday transportation to Jerusalem

leaving from Rothschild


Afternoon – “Culture”


The Old City, Behind the Walls
We break into small groups for the ultimate VIP tour of the world’s most historic place, with world-renowned experts leading the way.


Evening: Food and Bar Crawl

The famous Jerusalem Shuk (Machane Yehuda Market) comes alive at night, as Summit participants wind through its dozens of secret bars and food stalls.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

“Co-Create” - Jerusalem

The Israel Museum

A day of inspiration and problem-solving.




Opening Remarks

  • Mike Federle | President & Chief Operating Officer , Forbes Media

Special Opening Conversation: Hip-Hop As a Social Movement

The most-talked about Broadway show in a generation is a hip-hop musical about a U.S. founding father; one of the Europe’s hottest new performers raps about humanity’s imperfections; a Palestinian rapper uses his art form to push for social change. A discussion on the power of music to change the world.

  • Okieriete Onaodowan | Actor , Hamilton
  • Little Simz | Musician
  • Saz | Musician
  • Moderator: Zack O'Malley Greenburg | Senior Editor, Media & Entertainment , Forbes Media

10 Minutes to Change the World

  • Katie Meyler | Founder , More Than Me

Global Invention: Meet the Next Teslas and Edisons

Mind-blowing demos and the stories behind them.

  • Matan Berkowitz | Interdisciplinary Artist & Entrepreneur; CEO , Shift
  • Jessica O. Matthews | Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Uncharted Play
  • Moderator: Steve Bertoni | Senior Editor , Forbes Media

Turning an Idea Into a Blockbuster

It’s not enough to create something if no one uses it. Standouts on the Forbes 30 Under 30 lists share their stories on disrupting the retail and ecommerce market.

  • Ross Bailey | Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Appear Here
  • Arnie Sriskandarajah | Partner , Springwise Ventures
  • Moderator: Caroline Howard | Executive Producer , Forbes Media

Going Global: Startup Détente

In regions undermined by conflict, the best diplomacy can be a joint venture. While Israeli and Palestinian politicians barely engage each other, entrepreneurs on both sides of the table have quietly taken action. And such arrangements are increasingly common across the world. Some unlikely partners tell their stories.

  • Gai Hetzroni | Founder & Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder , GeoFree Software/Ma’antech
  • Nino Nanitashvili | Lead Advisor , Elva Community Engagement
  • Ibrahim Sana | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Sadel Technologies
  • Moderator: Richard Behar | Contributing Editor , Forbes Magazine

Changing the Dialogue

The root of co-existence is respectful dialogue. But in an region—and a planet—where Internet vitriol rules, how can we start a meaningful conversation? The world’s most famous advocate against cyberbullying joins with local social entrepreneurs to lay down a path.

  • Mohammed NasserEddin | Director, Middle East Programs , Seeds of Peace
  • Moriya Rosenberg | Alumna, YaLa Academy Citizen Journalism Program; Member , YaLa Peace Movement
  • Moderator: Monica Lewinsky | Social Activist

Entrepreneurship with Impact

A private equity pioneer and the “father of impact investing” leads a discussion that will tee up the afternoon and the following day—how we, together, can use our entrepreneurial skills to make a lasting difference in the world—right now.

  • Sir Ronald Cohen | Chairman, Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group and The Portland Trust; Co-Founder , Apax Partners



Afternoon Tracks: Bridging Through Innovation

Let’s stop talking about building things and spend an afternoon together doing it, though three facilitated tracks that will tee up our day of service.

Bridging Innovation Through Technology

Led by Jerusalem Venture Partners (“JVP”)

Pitch Session of Disruptive Innovations Encompassing the Diversity of Israeli Entrepreneurship. Eight Entrepreneurs, Eight Ideas, Eight Diverse Areas – all Making a Difference in the Fashion, Sports, Advertising, Cyber Security, Smart Life, Mobility, Health and Connectivity Worlds.

Nava Brief-Fried | Co-Founder & CEO, ModLi (Fashion)
Eyal Feder | Co-Founder & CEO, ZenCity (Smart Cities)
Andy Ram | Co-Founder & CEO, Pulse Play (Sports)
Adham Ghazali | Co-Founder & CEO, Imagry (Adtech)
Liran Tancman | Co-Founder & CEO, CyActive (Cyber Security)
Raz Itzhaki Tamir Co-Founder & CEO, SkyFi (Nano Satellites)
Hila Goldman-Aslan | Co-Founder & CEO, DiACardio (Connected Health)
Ofer Tziperman | CEO, Anagog (Smart Parking)

Moderator: Gadi Tirosh | Managing Partner, JVP

Bridging Innovation Through Education

Led by Jerusalem Venture Partners (“JVP”)

Meet the Youngsters Challenging Conventional Education in Israel and the Region; Hear how their Diverse Culture, Nationalities, Religious Beliefs and Regional Upbringing is Impacting their Approach to Education and Changing Realities.

Matan Arkin (17) | Senior Physics Major, Israel Arts and Sciences Academy (IASA), Jerusalem
Sireen Ilaiyan (19) | Senior Education Major, Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Graduate of Bakehila Educational Program in Beit Safafa
Reuven Karasik (16) | Community Leader
Noa Korneev (18) | Founder & CEO, MoneyTime
Sara Lichtman (Mentor) | Teacher & Creator, Ultra-Orthodox Curriculum
Lian Najami (21) | Student, Former CEO, Mentor & Member of Young Entrepreneurs
Lee Redden, (Mentor) | Co-Founder and CTO, Blue River Technology
Jan Rezab, (Mentor) | Founder & Executive Chairman, Socialbakers
Govinda Upadhyay, (Mentor) | Founder & Chief Executive Officer, LEDsafari

Moderator: Etay Benovich | Principal, Israel Arts and Science Academy (IASA)

Bridging Innovation Through Culture

Led by Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

Showcases the “Mix Program”, a unique initiative aimed at bringing together Jewish and Arab filmmakers to develop their feature films focusing on the possibility of a shared life between Jews and Arabs, enhancing familiarity and understanding between the two groups. The initiative aims at breaking stereotypes and prejudices as well as allowing a true understanding of each other's point of view.

Jamal Khalaila Writer & Director, Memulaot (Stuffed) – Feature Film
Zohar ShacharWriter & Co-Director, Memulaot (Stuffed) – Feature Film
Yoav KatzWriter, Flour Power – Feature Film
Hisham SulimanWriter, Flour Power – Feature Film
Inbar HoreshWriter & Director, Rony and Riyad – Feature Film
Nizar HelaeyWriter, Rony and Riyad – Feature Film
Kamil Shiraf  | Writer & Director, Nomad Season – Feature Film
Daniel NachensonScript Editor, Nomad Season – Feature Film
Adi AdwanWriter & Director, Mura’lim (Obsessed by the Army) – Feature Film
Gidi AviviProducer, Mura’lim (Obsessed by the Army) – Feature Film
Rukaya SabbahWriter & Director, Perception – Feature Film
Itai Tamir | Producer, Perception – Feature Film

Liran Atzmor | Producer
Sharon Shamir | Content Manager, Gesher Multi Cultural Film Fund


Close of Programming

Under 30 Music Festival at the Tower of David

A special concert, with acts curated from around the world—including the first-ever performance conducted in visual virtual reality—at the most historic “music venue” on earth, the 3,000 year-old Citadel of Jerusalem, known for millennia as the Tower of David.

  • MAE - (M)ultisensory (A)esthetic (E)xperience

Thursday, April 7, 2016

“Co-Exist” - Service Day

Get ready for a day to change the world. From a hackathon to promote co-existence to inspiring and mentoring top students at schools in East and West Jerusalem to a day of helping out cultural groups throughout the region, participants will choose a way to produce sustainable results. Closing party at 17:00 in the Jerusalem Media Quarter to compare what we did.

Evening Departure


Jerusalem | Tel Aviv

The Forbes Under 30 Summit will take place in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv 3-7 April 2016, with activities at iconic locations in each city.


Jerusalem, Israel

Directions »

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Video Highlights

10 Minutes to Change the World: Luis Iván Cuende


Disruption on a Global Scale: Streaming, Swiping, Sharing


Fireside Chat: His Excellency Shimon Peres


Launch Lessons: Secrets of the Startup Machine


10 Minutes to Change the World: Paula Schwarz


Teamwork: Disrupting the Sleep Industry


Marketing: The Gaming of Emotional Connection


Getting Big: Unicorns of EMEA


Augmented Reality's New Reality


Jerusalem Preview: Mayor Nir Barkat



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